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      Our Company determine to develop our measuring system to be easy to use and can be worked with full efficiency. Besides, with the decade of experience from our company in Thailand since it was established combined with the long experience that gain from our headquarters in Japan also emphasize this determination. We work hard for the systems with the definition of “Easy to use” that concern the environment and condition of user working. Therefore, we, “TBTS” dedicate to keen on the user’s 3D measuring system not only the beginning of system suggestion but also the operation after installation was finished. Our desire is, every customer would be fully satisfied with the advance system that we offer for their 3D project. It is our great pleasure to submit our contribution with this “TBTS Quality” in the name of 3D Measurement Expert.





AllLeica Laser Tracker

Sivax Inc.

3D measurement that expedited the development of automobile models Convert subtle details in a clay mold into electronic data.

AllLeica Laser Tracker

National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology (QST)

Nuclear fusion reactor dealing with items of matter at millions of degrees Celsius as well as high current The key for assembly is absolute coordinates obtained by laser measurement.

AllLeica Laser Tracker

Tokyo Tekkotsu Kyoryo Corporation (current company name: FaB-Tec Japan Corporation)

Tokyo Boeki Techno-System Ltd. can engineer all the main components of 3D measurement, hardware, software, and system. A non-contact 3D measuring system.

AllLeica Laser Tracker

Case of the Japan Atomic Energy Agency

The 3D measurement with a micron-level precision shines in a large-scale experimental system that supports fundamental physics.

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