3D Digital Solution

Think of 3D Digital Solution, Think of TBTS (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Not only 3D Measuring Machine (Coordinate Measuring Machine): Horizontal Arm (Layout Machine) even Portable CMM Arm both of contact type (Probe) and Non-Contact type (Laser Scanner), Laser Tracker System, Optical 3D Scanner plus others Inspection Systems that able to be applied to various process in your manufacturing as Flush & Gap Measuring System, Surface Scan System, Testing Machine, Engine Watch Machine, Strain Analysis System and Car Model Processing Machine (Milling Machine)  include related software like Inspection, Analysis and Reverse Engineering Software.

TBTS can handle it all, from installation system and software, calibration, and service by our trained Thai engineer with Japan standard. Besides, Automated Measuring System customization to meet your inquiries and full efficiency operation.