The worldwide first portable surface inspection system ABISoptimizer offers in-depth

analysis and objective surface classification for efficient quality control. Simply, Compact, Speedily and easy to use. Optical Surface Inspection Systems

ABIS is capable of automatically measuring and detecting various kinds of defects and deformations The analysis data are output immediately form the database, allowing rating the defects which so far

depends upon human insight


Objective and efficent  quality control

The surface quality of a product – particularly in the automotive industry – constitutes an important criterion for the customer and is generally seen in close relation to the quality of the overall vehicle.
Even minimal inevitable disturbances in the early production stages prior to applying the paint work (e.g. in the press shop or body shop) may cause defects such as dents, bumps, sink marks, etc. that are invisible to the eye while the surface is still unpainted.

On a high-gloss paint surface, however, even the slightest irregularities are clear to see with incident light from the proper angle, and constitute a reduction in quality that can only be remedied using costly corrective measures.

The early, continuous and complete detection of surface defects with the objective, high-precision ABIS surface inspection system opens up new perspectives in quality assurance. The ABIS II sensors can be integrated into fully automated in-line and offline solutions.

Early defect recognition for cost-saving and ressource-efficient production

The majority of defects that can occur during the production process are “invisible” at the early stages of manufacture. These minute surface defects become visually perceptible later on, however, when subsequent work steps such as paint work have been completed. At that time, they can only be remedied using expensive corrective measures.

The costs of removing these defects increase drastically with the progress of work within the production cycle (press shop, body shop, paint shop, final assembly). Consequently, particularly the rework of defects that have been propagated throughout the production process constitutes a substantial factor with regard to manpower and time. Quality control with ABIS substantially optimizes the sustainability of the production processes by significant savings of work ressources and raw materials such as sheet metal and coatings – environmentally friendly and economically efficient high-end technology.

Technical Data

Dimensions (mm3) 670 x 80 x 100
Weight (kg) 4,7
Image Acquisition Time 100 msec.
Field-of-View 220 x 300 mm2
Data Interface GigE
Resolution CCD Camera (Pixels) 1200 x 1600
3D Defect Size Resolution (Depth) 10 μm (min.) depending on surface
Lateral Defect Resolution 1,5 mm depending on surface
Stand-Off Distance 432 mm +/- 20 mm
Light Source BLUE-LED

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