By adopting the laser probe method, we will scan the laser light to detect the spatial coordinates of the surface of the object. It is an anti – halation spray – less type sensor that can not be used with conventional laser sensors, can measure glossy surface, black color. The scanning width and resolution can be selected, making the measurement more efficient and reducing the time. In addition, it is a compact, lightweight handy type, and has a structure design that is less susceptible to disturbance light.



  • It possible to measure many object surface including chromium coated shine object without spray.
  • No spray
  • High-Accuracy

Technical Data


Laser Type Flying dot
Accuracy (E mode) 2σ:±0.012mm
Data Point 150,000 point / sec
Speed Max 100Hz
Warm up 3 min
Stand-off 145 ~ 205mm (±30mm)
Dimensions 76(W) x 109(D) x 125(H)mm
Weight 600g

Scanner Mode

Mode Laser Wideth (mm) Max X Pitch (mm)
C+ 214 0.061
D 100 0.061
E 50 0.031
F 51 0.016
Fh 22 0.016

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