Entry Level (Compact) Scanner

The compact design makes it easier to handle and measure. Due to its short focus, this model can collect details of small workpiece. It is non-contact 3D scanner that help you resolve the problems in production process, particularly prototype development and quality control by using its fringe pattern technology with high power blue LED optimized throughout the process.



User Friendly and Portability

Sensor itself is A4 paper size and weight is just 4Kg, very compact design. Besides, it can be set up quickly at worksite and the shortest distance to the object is 370 mm, which makes it possible to measure in a small space. It is a model that can be used in various situations.

Upgradeable to Automation

Able to efficiently improve your manufacturing by automation of measurement process with FLARE non-contact 3D Scanner and Robot combination. Because of an exclusive sensor is no longer required, the upgrade from manual to automatic system is possible. Also, with “offline teaching” function, just one click is possible to create proper measurement path. Operator can simulate the data coverage rate on the software before measurement is done. Position edition can be manually done with mouse operation, posture and path of robot are optimized by the software.


FLARE Entry 8M

Lens 100 450 650
Measurement Range(mm) 80 x 60 x 50 350 x 290 x 222 500 x 400 x 320
Point Distance (μm) 27 109 155
Focal Length(mm) 370 540

FLARE Entry 5M

Lens 50 125 200 400 700
Measurement Range(mm) 40 x 30 x 24 100 x 80 x 64 150 x 125 x 100 300 x 275 x 200 500 x 450 x 350
Point Distance (μm) 16 40 63 125 208
Focal Length(mm) 370 540

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