“FLARE” The structured light 3D Scanner

Enhance your productivity with high accuracy and high-speed CCD cameras. Lead the new way to simply process 3D inspection with high precision system.



  • Easy measurement without markers, reduce working time and cost.
  • High resolutions, able to collect high quality data of various workpieces efficiently.
  • High speed, convert to polygon data in short time.
  • Accuracy guarantee.
  • Various and changeable Field of View (FOV).
  • Probe measurement, support for blind spot measurement.
  • Result projection, directly check the defection by color map result that shown on workpiece.
  • Texture mapping, polygon data color is changeable.
  • Target tracking, track the target position by 2 cameras.

Available Model

  1. Flare Pro | High-end 3D scanner, the best experience for 3D data. Back projection function show result on workpiece.
  2. Flare S | Standard 3D scanner, develop your process with adjustable cameras. Meaning the wider range of FOV shows more details in angles.
  3. Flare E | simply high precision and compact 3D optical sensor

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