High-end Scanner

Achieves strong performance on black and glossy surfaces with unique white light emission. It is a non-contact 3D scanner that can be used not only for industrial products but also in a wide range of industry with its unique functions such as back projection and texture mapping function using a full color projector.




High-precisionHigh-density measurement

Use a series of high-resolution camera (8 MEGAPIXELS and 16 MEGAPIXELS, 2 types available), and has a robust structure (Parts and Configuration), so its result is accurate with high density and high precision. Applicable with various objects from the size of precision accessories parts to the full size of automobiles and molds.

Back Projection Function

It is possible to project the color map result directly onto the work. Object to be measured. Even if the relative relationship between sensor and object is changed, projection can be done under position-change state. Because it is apparently reflected and directly confirmed, it will be easier to deal with defects and correction. In addition, it is possible to improve work efficiency because it can visually check the degree of correction by the operator, such as mold correction work, by projecting it on the actual product.

Texture Mapping

Data report can be made to be colorful by adding actual color to measured data (Polygon Data). It can be used for making reproductions of paintings and converting cultural properties such as vases and Buddhist statues into digital data.

Upgradeable to Automation

Able to efficiently improve your manufacturing by automation of measurement process with FLARE non-contact 3D Scanner and Robot combination. Because of an exclusive sensor is no longer required, the upgrade from manual to automatic system is possible. Also, with “offline teaching” function, just one click is possible to create proper measurement path. Operator can simulate the data coverage rate on the software before measurement is done. Position edition can be manually done with mouse operation, posture and path of robot are optimized by the software.



Base Length 150 450
Lens 75 125 200 300 550 850 1100
Measurement Range(mm) 70 x 50 x 20 90 x 60 x 54 160 x 110 x 100 285 x 190 x 176 460 x 310 x 280 710 x 500 x 430 940 x 700 x 550
Point Distance (μm) 15 19 33 58 94 146 193
Focal Length(mm) 350 840


Base Length 150 450
Lens 75 125 200 350 550 850 1100
Measurement Range(mm) 65 x 50 x 36 100 x 75 x 60 160 x 125 x 100 280 x 210 x 176 420 x 320 x 270 700 x 560 x 430 850 x 700 x 550
Point Distance (μm) 20 30 49 86 128 211 256
Focal Length(mm) 350 840

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