Gap Ninja

  • Easy: Simple operation, just pull the trigger once
  • Instantaneous: Results for level difference and clearance display on a touch panel display as fast as 1.2 seconds
  • Aim and fire: Detects deep lying grooves using a compound lens camera
  • Team measurement: A single unit can be used to take measurements, if a PC is available, up to 4 units can be used for cooperative measurement.
  • Measurements can be performed very quickly like Ninja with high reliability.


  • Measuring time of 1.2 seconds
    Capture the profile of the cross-section hit by the laser that you want to measure to calculate flash & gap.
  • Automatic judgment and dimension logic editing
    In addition to the standard profile calculation logic, user can easily create own logic. If logic is registered in advance, the results can also be automatically calculated.
  • Replaceable battery
    Powered time of 4 hours. Handy operation is also possible because of WiFi communication when combined with a PC.
  • Application cutomization
    When combined with a PC, measurement locations can be displayed, servers can be data linked, and information for individual work pieces can be read.

Technical Data

Cross-section analysis area [mm]W40 x D20
Stand off [mm]33
Detection variance [mm]0.1 or less
Battery powered time [h]3
Possible recharge number of times500 times
Recharge time [h]4
Weight (with battery equipped) [g]800g
External dimensions [mm]L220 x W140 x H222
Touch panel display4-Inch resistive-film type
Prongs3-Point contact and bolts can be removed/installed
Automatic color identification functionYes
Sensor positionPerpendicular to laser surface ± 8°
Pitch angle and roll angle
NG sensor positionSensor deviation ± 5 mm
Required test environmentWhen light such as sunlight, LED lighting and fluorescent lighting does not reflect on the camera
Temperature0 to 40℃ (non-condensing)
Wireless LAN communication distance10 m with no obstructions

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