Laymatic Master

Laymatic Master is a data processing device for 3D measuring machines that supports all kinds of industrial products such as seat panels, jigs and mechanical parts.We are working to shorten the time of manufacturing and improve quality in both manufacturing and inspection processes.



  • Feature

    • Touch-Panel interface, no need mouse or remote control.
    • Easy operation with coordinate conversion function, direct input of coordinate values to computer, machine coordinates can be easily converted to work piece’s coordinates.
    • By using element measurements such as holes and slots, we can handle all kinds of measurements by utilizing element computing functions such as distance and intersection of elements etc. It is possible to automatically calculate all data.
    • Using the optional MIH – S, if the orientation of the probe is changed, the computer automatically corrects the coordinates.
    • Machine’s OS is stored in ROM and Data is stored in Flash Memory.To eliminating the possibility of hard disk failure due to vibration etc.
    • With USB interface can easily carry measurement data by using USB memory. The conventional RS232C interface can also be used.

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