Laymatic MEGA 2

This is a high end digital processor featuring all necessary functions for 3D measurement.
Various kinds of calculation functions for coordinates shifting, circle, distance, intersection point, crossing angle are provided, thus eliminating the necessity of alignment of a work piece to be measured.
In addition, customization of user’s key, icon and abbreviated keys is possible to grade up work efficiency.



  • This hardware is a PC-based unit with excellent versatility in extension.

Versatility in function

  • Integrating a floppy-disc, able to easily execute data handover
  • Exchange of the coordinates makes it possible to eliminate troublesome alignment of the work piece.
  • Provision of various kinds of calculation functions for coordinates shifting, distance, intersection point, crossing angle are provide to eliminate niggling hand calculation.
  • Customization of user’s key, icon and abbreviated keys enables speed-up of calculations.
  • An online help is provided.
  • Positioning of the ball tip is corrected automatically using the auto-dummy point.
  • Adopting a MIH-S makes it easy to change the probe’s position.
  • There is a function of element calculation. Calculation is possible with use of calculation results and with reciprocal references of results.

Excellent in operability

  • It is possible to operate with the icon, mouse and cursor key with no need of memorizing the function numbers.
  • Excellent visibility
  • TUse of a TFT color liquid crystal panel allows arranging the display section and main body into a single block. Chronological steps of measurement, current measurement and operation contents can be recognized immediately.

In addition!

  • Designed focusing on prompt response, and on high speeds, for the operator to continue work without feeling stress.

Technical Data


Display 10.4inchTFT
Reading type Magnetic or optical reading type
Reading minimal 0.05mm (optical scale)
0.01mm (magnetic scale)
Maximum number of digits 5digits (sequence number)
7digits (coordinates)
Maximum display +99999.99
Maximum response 60m/min. (optical)
250m/min. (magnetic magnetic)
Scale accuracy (0.02+0.03) L mm (optical)
(0.05+0.01) L mm (A, E TYPE)
(0.03+0.01) L mm (J-SYSTEM)
Electricity AC100-250V ±10% (50/60Hz) single phase
Power consumption Max. 60VA
Ambient environment Ambient temperatures 0-40° (in operation)
-20-60° (not in operation)
Ambient humidity 20-80% (in operation)
8-80% (not in operation)
(However, the maximum wet bulb temperature is 29 degrees, without condensation.)

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