Laymatic SNC J System

Improved Layout Machine J-Model to CNC System


  • Easy to use
  • J-model, with a very simple standard specification, enables to select an extra knob and a fine feed according to the purpose; In J-model, the elements are human -friendly arranged.
  • Precision degree is established according to Japan Industrial Standard (JIS B7440) (However, the precision given here applies only when using the model frame).
  • Using a square section for the arm and column may prevent yawing, pitching and rolling.
  • The arm head and column head are of type divided, making the adjustment easier; the true rectangularity is improved and the backlash hardly produced.
  • Can be used for multi purposes.
  • Able to use the conventional driving system and attachments.
  • Up-grading of the system is possible in order to use a manual mode drive /CNC.
  • The CNC system is improved in rigidity and precision by using carbon fiber-reinforced plastics (CFRP) arm.

Technical Data

Specification :

TYPE A B C D E F Accuracy/Axis Weight(kg.)
1212J 1500 364 1636 1200 210 2010 ±0.04 380
1612J 1200 364 1636 1600 210 2410 ±0.04 400
1615J 1500 364 1936 1600 210 2410 ±0.04 410
2015J 1500 364 1936 2000 210 2810 ±0.04 450

When using the frame dedicated for the Layout Machine, the precision means a requirement for each axis, given based upon the TTS’s inspection procedure.


Use of the J-model frame (in μm)

TYPE U1 Maximum Permisible Error (Probing) :MPEP
1212J 60+50L/1000 30
1612J 60+50L/1000 30
1615J 60+50L/1000 30
2015J 60+50L/1000 30

L: mm Precision inspection standard:
arithmetic digital machine

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