Layout Machine Mini-Model

This is a compact-sized Layout Machine in combination with a dedicated table, which can be used for various purposes such as manufacturing of scale models and small work design models, and inspection of works not included in the category of small works.



  • For genral use
  • Easy to use
  • Light weight

Technical Data

Specification :

TYPE A B C D E F Accuracy/Axis Weight(kg.)
36A 600 244 1020 760 130 1430 ±0.16 600

When using the frame dedicated for the Layout Machine, the precision means a requirement for each axis, given based upon the TTS’s inspection procedure.


Table base
Table dimensions 1,600 x 1,100 x 150mm
Table material cast aluminum
Load resistance Max 100kg
Rail length 1,740mm
Table planarity 0.3mm(according to the inspection when there is no measurement object on the table)
Guide rail straightness 0.05/1,000mm



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