Mill-7 System

High performance high speed horizontal processing machine equipped with ATC and realizing simultaneous 5 axis processing is an essential NC processing system for model development.



  • Foaming, artificial wood (resin), full size clay model can be cut.
  • Automatic tool change can be installed by installing ATC (auto tool changer).
  • Dust collecting port for suspended dust at cutting is also installed.
  • Various dimensions that can be installed in existing buildings.
  • The user interface is simple, easy to understand and operation learning is possible in a short time.
  • Simultaneous 5-axis control and high-speed rotation of the main spindle shorten the processing time to 1/3 of the conventional one.

Technical Data

Specification :

Machine spec Horizontal Arm 3-axis
YZ Main Weight 4,000 kg.
Drive spec LM Guide
Pack Pinion
X Axis Cover Belt
Stroke X
Distance from FL Line 160 mm.
Machine speed & Ability Moving speed 25 m/min
Minimum spindles speed 3,000mm.
Maximum spindles speed 24,000mm.
Maximum torque 3.7 Nm.
Standard torque 1.2-3.0 Nm
Milling head Auto 2-axis Total 5-axis
C axis rotatable ± 120 °C
B axis rotatable ± 180 °C
Cooling system Air
Magazine position Column side
ATC Tools number 15 pcs.
Maximum Tool size 250 mm.


1. Colum stroke

Code Stroke (mm.) Machine Height (mm.)
28 2800 4500
25 2500 4200
22 2200 3900
19 1900 3600
16 1600 3600

2. Arm stroke

Code Stroke (mm.)
16 1650
16 1550
14 1450
13 1350

3. Attachment

Code Details
A APC Unit
L Base Area Sensor
M Control Monitor Unit


4. Base rail long

Code Base long (m.) Stroke (mm.)
8.5 8.5 4500

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