Laymatic MILL-X

A movable model processing machine that can be installed on an existing surface plate in a studio. A full-scale NC processing machine that can control 5 axes simultaneously. Fast processing speed significantly reduces the processing time. Can also operate while at night. The head angle can be positioned at 0.001 degrees and simultaneous 5-axes processing is also possible, which contributes to reducing the work at the finishing process later on. Can cut design surfaces, which have become complex in recent years, to an appropriate tool angle, and is recommended for use when you want to process at high speed, accuracy and quality.


Scale models, full-size models, exterior models, interior models
Core foam material (styrene and urethane), soft resin
When combined with a non-contact measuring device, it can automate left-right flipping, expand the process from scale models, significantly reduce time by replacing molding using layout machines with NC processing, allow tie-wire processing for wind tunnel testing models using simultaneous 5-axes processing, and reduce post-process work using simultaneous 5-axes pocket processing for such as interior models, in addition to many other tasks.



-Movable simultaneous 5-axes processing machine

-A movable model processing machine that can be installed on an existing surface plate

-Uses carbon material on the arm and columns to achieve high accuracy, high rigidity and reduce weight (main unit weight is 800 kg).

-Can control the posture of the head in units of 0.001 degrees using simultaneous 5-axes control.

-The guide rails on the base axis can be installed easily and the length can be increased by connecting 2 of them together.

-Furnished with a user interface that anyone can easily use, and equipped with all functions including an NC data editing function and manual intervention function despite the processing performance being that of a full-scale NC control machine.

-Process monitoring can be viewed on a tablet, improving the operation rate


Weight Machine 800 kg, control machine 200 kg
Machine Stroke Arm 1300mm
Cloumn 2120mm
Base Up to 6m
Machine operation accuracy (at 20°) Each axis ±0.08 mm/axis
Simultaneously controlled axes 5 axes simultaneously (XYZAB)
Main Shaft 600 w 1.0 N m continous 6,000 revolutions
Head indexing angle
A axis -30 to 105°
B axis 0 to ±180°
Fast forwarding 10m/min
Cut Feed 8m/min
Power supply AC100V ±10% 50/60 Hz

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