Portable Mill System

At a model studio, displacement can be made freely from frame to studio. This is an authentic NC processor for surface working of clay models with simplified preparation steps and operations.



  • The column of the arm is made of carbon, featuring high accuracy, high rigidity and light weight (weight of the main body 450 kg).
  • With a special system at the base, the model can be changed in direction and setting on the base plate, without needing help of any technical person.
  • With a special system at the base, the semi-automatic measurement with semi-linear stroke range reaches all the surface of the base plate.
  • The machine can be set on the base plate in a same way as for setting a conventional layout machine. When setting the standard, all one has to do is putting it on the base plate.
  • Easy setting of the axial standard; insert the guide rail pin into the standard groove for a conventional layout machine.
  • There are two modes of operation to be shifted easily, motorized or manual operation, according to purpose.
  • There is a multipurpose remote control by which it is possible not only to perform almost all kinds of operations, but also to display the coordinates on a miniature display panel. Manual possessing intervention also is possible with a small MPG.
  • By the use of a CLAY CAM (option), it is easy to create the NC path rapidly from surface data and STL data.

Technical Data


Stroke Arm axis 1300mm
Base axis 2120mm
Column axis 2370mm
However, measurement is possible up to the stroke limit of a base plate in the case of using a semi-automatic measurement mode.
Accuracy in machine movement (at 20°) ±0.08mm/axis for each axis
Motor drive control axis three axes, x, y and z
Axes to be simultaneously controlled 5 axes in stationary state, and 3 axes simultaneously
Spindle power 0.48 N·m
Spindle setting direction 0 to 120° for A axis (15° step)
0 to 180° for B axis (15° step)
Driving speed RAPID 0 to 10M/min.
JOG 0 to 1.2M/min.
Processing speed 0 to 5M/min.(MaxF5000)
Input media CD-R or LAN
Electricity AC100V ±10% 50/60Hz

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