3D Digitize /Laser Scanning

Intuitive data capture with a hand-held laser scanner


Save time and increase precision ZEISS T-TRACK 20 – Optical tracking system for maximum efficiency
Enjoy greater flexibility with the new ZEISS T-SCAN 20 3D scanning system: cutting-edge scanner technology and a large measuring volume ensure consistently efficient measuring processes. The complete modular laser scanning solution with perfectly matched components. Completely redesigned camera technology and high-quality ZEISS optics combined with a large measuring volume. Now you can capture 3D data for various component sizes more efficiently and with greater precision.
ZEISS T-SCAN – Easy 3D data capture with a hand-held laser scanner ZEISS T-POINT – Hand-held touch probe for fast point measurements
Intuitive, effortless scanning: the user-friendly ergonomics of the hand-held scanner together with the lightweight, compact scanner housing enable precise data capture, including difficult-to-reach areas and on a wide variety of surfaces. The perfect solution for single-point measurements on areas like (trimmed) edges and standard geometries. Compatible with standard styli.
Wide range of applications for many different industries Perfect overview: All analysis results are available in one measurement report
• Quality assurance and inspection
• Design
• Rapid manufacturing
• Reverse engineering
• Tool manufacture and mold making
• Capture of complex component dynamics
• Archaeology, medical technology, etc.
Integrated reporting of the 3D data in ZEISS PiWeb with ZEISS CALIGO and ZEI

Technical Data

T-SCAN 20 – Technical data

Object-camera stand-off distance 2.0 m – 6.0 m
Measurement volume 20 m³
Field of view up to 3200 mm x 2500 mm
Measuring rate up to 4 kHz
Weight 18.5 kg
Dimensions 1150 x 180 x 150 mm
PC Notebook or desktop PC
Available software ZEISS colin3D
Possible configurations • T-SCAN 20
• T-POINT 20
• T-REF 20
Measurement depth + / – 50 mm
Line width up to 125 mm
Mean working distance 150 mm
Line frequency up to 330 Hz
Data rate up to 210.000 points/sec.
Weight 1100 g
Sensor dimensions
(incl. handle and IR pins)
300 x 170 x 150 mm
Scanner-PC standard cable length 10 m
Mean point distance 0,075 mm
Points per line 1312
Laser type Diode
Wavelength 658 nm
Laser class 2 M
Available software ZEISS colin3D

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