VSC-3XXX Series

Full scale measurement system



VSC Series Base Drive Type

Base Drive System is a system that is wide for measurement of automobile bodies, large cast parts, large equipment etc, which can measure wide area at once without connecting coordinates. Various types of options can be selected according to the application, we will customize according to the application.

VSC Series Vertical lifting and moving caster base

Vertical lifting and moving caster base is a system with a vertical lift function, which enables measurement from bottom to top.

Technical Data

Model VSC3626MII VSC3636II
Probe  maximum movement range x 3500mm + frame distance
y 1750mm from the front of column
z 3770mm
Vertical movement amout 1500mm
Arm accuracy Repeatability 2σ : 0.03mm
Measurement Accuracy 2σ : 0.04mm
Horizontal movement accuracy Please check sperately as it depends on the amount of movement
Power supply AC 100-240V 50-60Hz ,120VA (not iclude PC)
Compatible model VAR600MII

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