Efficient and high-precision 3D digitization

ZEISS COMET 6 offers intelligent digitization with fringe projection technology for maximum data quality and precision.




Do your projects require a top measuring speed or maximum resolution for component digitization? The ZEISS COMET 6 sensors offer uncompromising flexibility and data quality.

Adaptive projection

The adaptive projection technology (3D ILC – Intelligent Light Control) locally adapts the light quantity projected onto the object surface; undesired effects such as glare are therefore minimized.

User-oriented ergonomics

The sensor can be adjusted particularly easy, precise and quick – enabling the user to operate the system intuitively and conveniently.

Modular design

The unique design of ZEISS COMET 6 sensors is based on a modular set-up which allows a fast and easy adaptation of the field-of-view to the application at hand.

Project-oriented software

With ZEISS colin 3D software, you will generate easy false color comparisons for customized analysis as well as reports for documenting the measuring results.

Powerful and intelligent with 3D ILC technology

The ZEISS COMET 6 features an extremely powerful LED and an innovative projection optic. The adaptive projection (3D ILC – Intelligent Light Control) ensures that the projected lightquantity is adjusted for the particular object surface, keeping unwanted effects, e.g. halos, to a minimum. The especially powerful projection module with an integrated control unit supports the new ‘real time sync mode’ and sets new standards in measuring speed for maximum efficiency when capturing 3D data.


Choose between high resolution or maximum speed with each of the two sensors to achieve optimal performance for your particular use. The high-performance ZEISS colin3D software platform ensures a consistently efficient, project-oriented workflow during the entire measuring process.


High-speed sensor

ZEISS COMET 6 8M impresses with its stunningly short measuring time of less than one second – even at maximum resolution.


High resolution – maximum detail rendition

ZEISS COMET 6 16M with a 16 megapixel camera offers an unprecedented level of detail for digitizing fine structures or for applications requiring detail rendition thanks to its high resolution.

ฃUser-oriented, ergonomic sensor handling

The compact housing design combined with the handling system specially designed for the sensor ensures maximum user-friendliness and ergonomic operation. The sensor can be adjusted easily, precisely and quickly – the particularly intuitive and convenient operation together with the fast measuring time ensure maximum efficiency.

Modular design for efficiency and flexibility

The unique design of ZEISS COMET 6 sensors is based on a modular setup with proven single-camera technology, enabling fast and easy adaptation of the field of view to fit the particular measuring job.

The minimal working distance – even with large measuring fields – enables uncomplicated and time-saving sensor positioning, especially when space is limited.


The modular system allows the operator to change the measuring field in just a few quick steps and is ready for the next application in almost no time. Take full advantage of the flexibility provided by ZEISS COMET 6 without cumbersome hardware modifications or additional sensors.

The perfect, complete solution

This combination of the latest sensor technology and the project-oriented ZEISS colin3D software for data capture and data processing offers a high level of efficiency in workflows and generates high-quality measuring data.

With ZEISS colin3D software, you will generate easy false color comparisons for customized analysis as well as reports for documenting the measuring results.

Technical Data

Technical Data for ZEISS COMET 6

Measuring volume (mm3) 3D point spacing (μm)
Measuring field 80 86 x 64 x 40 26
Measuring field 150 142 x 106 x 80 43
Measuring field 250 283 x 213 x 160 86
Measuring field 400 386 x 289 x 200 117
Measuring field 700 666 x 499 x 400 202
Measuring field 1200 1216 x 912 x 600 369
Measuring volume (mm3) 3D point spacing (μm)
Measuring field 80 81 x 54 x 40 16
Measuring field 150 145 x 97 x 80 30
Measuring field 250 274 x 193 x 160 56
Measuring field 400 382 x 254 x 200 78
Measuring field 700 656 x 437 x 400 134
Measuring field 1200 1235 x 823 x 600 252

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