Leica Absolute Tracker AT960

High-performance 6DoF laser tracker technology in an ultra-portable and easy-to-use form factor.

The Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 is a robust, all-in-one portable laser tracker that fits in a single flight case. Offering high-speed dynamic measurement as standard, it is a complete solution for six degrees of freedom (6DoF) probing, scanning and automated inspection as well as reflector measurements.
With the complete range of Leica laser tracker accessories built in, the AT960 can be transported easily, unpacked quickly and powered up in minutes to measure almost anywhere. Dynamic features and flexible functionality give users absolute portability, absolute speed and absolute accuracy.
A new generation of portable CMM system based on proven technology, the AT960 brings together the 6DoF functionality of the Leica Absolute Tracker AT901 with T-Cam and the usability of the compact Leica Absolute Tracker AT402. The result is a highly-sophisticated yet easy to use large-volume measurement solution which weighs less than 14 kg.
Featuring wireless communication and optional battery operation, the AT960’s integrated-technology design makes lengthy setup a thing of the past. The Leica Absolute Interferometer (AIFM) enables accurate high-speed measurements to a moving target while PowerLock ensures that an interrupted beam is instantly re-established without user intervention, reducing operator workload and training requirements. Intuitive touch-screen controls minimise the potential for user error, saving time, effort and money. Check and compensation architecture means basic adjustments can be made in the field, while robust design guarantees on-specification operations with minimal calibration and servicing.

With medium range and long range models available, the AT960 laser tracker has a measurement volume of up to 120 m (Ø). Compatible with reflectors as well as the Leica T-Probe, Leica T-Scan and Leica T-Mac, it offers many different inspection applications; ensuring users have the right way to measure for any job.

Robot Calibration Solution

innovative software solution delivering full calibration and performance testing functionality for industrial robotic systems.

The RoboDyn robot calibration and inspection system delivers complete robotic control, making it simple to get the most out of the precision, flexibility and intelligence automated systems have to offer.

With the ability to calculate robot base alignment and tool centre point offsets as well as directly correct and compensate for robot parameters, the RoboDyn software is the perfect tool for improving absolute positioning and performance of robotics. Designed to meet the demands of the ISO 9283 standard, RoboDyn guarantees accuracy and reliability throughout automated operations.

Simple and easy to use, RoboDyn allows for on-the-spot modification of robot models, followed by fast recalibration. Coming alongside the full capability for offline simulation, RoboDyn has the potential to transform process productivity across manufacturing, installation, testing and logistics areas.

For static and dynamic data acquisition, RoboDyn requires use in conjunction with a quality Leica Absolute Tracker featuring precision, speed, large measurement range, portability and the capacity for 6DoF measurement.

Leica Absolute Tracker AT930

The Leica Absolute Tracker AT930 is the next generation 3D laser tracker to feature the Leica Absolute Interferometer (AIFM), giving high-speed dynamic measurement capabilities that set it apart from the competition. With automatic target location, real-time architecture and the ability to instantly re-establish an interrupted beam, it is the fast, accurate and user-friendly way to measure to reflectors.

Certified to IP54 standards by the IEC, the AT930’s robust integrated-technology design is ready to measure in even the harshest conditions with no need for additional accessories.
As the 3D version of the Leica Absolute Tracker AT960, the AT930 shares all the AT960’s features and functionality except for the variozoom 6DoF compatibility, making it the ideal solution for high-speed measurements in volumes of up to 160 m (Ø). Compatible with reflectors for line of sight measurement, the AT930 offers a versatile portable 3D laser tracker solution.

The latest generation of the PowerLock active vision system ensures that the laser automatically follows the user, re-establishing an interrupted beam with a typical uncertainty of just 10 µm, so operators no longer need to worry about breaking the beam. The AIFM provides the measurement speed of an interferometer and the accuracy of an absolute distance meter, while the real-time operating system supports a measurement rate of up to 1 000 points per second.

The all-in-one design with levelling equipment, environmental monitoring and overview camera all built into the device enables users to simply unpack the tracker and start to measure. Also featuring wireless communication and a choice of mains power or battery option, the AT930 can operate virtually anywhere.

Leica Absolute Tracker AT403

New all-in-one large-volume laser tracker system that sets a new standard for portability, simplicity, robust construction and measurement efficiency.

An all-in-one metrology solution more portable than any other on the market, the Leica Absolute Tracker AT403 from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence is a self-contained measurement workshop inside a compact and convenient single case.

With outperforming measurement process speed, operational simplicity like no other laser tracker and an unmatched level of robust construction, the Leica Absolute Tracker AT403 is a calculated bundle of affordable innovation without equal on the portable measurement market.

Improvements include faster and more economical stationary and continuous measurement processes, along with a streamlined station change procedure. Added WiFi access point functionality and hot-swappable batteries deliver unmatched measurement freedom. Designed for leading results in almost any imaginable measurement environment, it is rated for operation in temperatures ranging from -15 to 45 degrees Celsius and features built-in environmental monitoring, orient-to-gravity functionality and construction in line with the rigorous IP54 certification standard.

The Perfect Partner for the Leica B-Probe
The Leica Absolute Tracker AT403 presents the ideal solution for portable probing applications when paired with the established quality of the Leica B-Probe portable probing tool. This single-case portable probing system delivers improvements in measurement process speed and usability as well as customisable hidden-point reach. When added to the already class-leading cableless functionality of the Leica B-Probe, large-volume probing is now simpler and better than ever before.

Leica Robot System

Leica Automatic Measurement System is a hybrid measurement system that can perform noncontact scanning with laser and contact measurement with probe with auto tool changer and measure. The whole shape can be scanned with a laser sensor, and geometric elements such as holes or difficult to scan can be compensated by probe measurement. Measurement range is maximally 50 m in diameter, and it is a system best suited for measurement of medium to large structures such as aircraft, cans made of large items, large molds, etc. which are difficult to measure with ordinary measuring instruments. In addition, the laser tracker body has been certified IP 54 and is a system that can be used in the field environment. * Please also see a demonstration such as projecting the in-line line to the work by 3D laser projection system (LPT). * Offline teaching + inspection


Efficient and high-precision 3D digitization

ZEISS COMET 6 offers intelligent digitization with fringe projection technology for maximum data quality and precision.


For simple and quick measurements

The ultra-compact 3D sensor ZEISS COMET offers great flexibility, a high measuring speed, and impressive performance.


By adopting the laser probe method, we will scan the laser light to detect the spatial coordinates of the surface of the object. It is an anti – halation spray – less type sensor that can not be used with conventional laser sensors, can measure glossy surface, black color. The scanning width and resolution can be selected, making the measurement more efficient and reducing the time. In addition, it is a compact, lightweight handy type, and has a structure design that is less susceptible to disturbance light.

Mill-7 System

High performance high speed horizontal processing machine equipped with ATC and realizing simultaneous 5 axis processing is an essential NC processing system for model development.

Raptor Eye

เครื่องสแกนสายชนิด RaptorEye เป็นอุปกรณ์ตรวจวัดพิกัดชนิดที่ไม่ใช่แบบสัมผัสซึ่งตรวจจับรูปทรง 3 มิติของวัตถุโดยการฉายรังสีผิววัตถุด้วยลำแสงเลเซอร์ในรูปแบบเส้นและถ่ายภาพด้วยกล้อง CMOS